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IBM Websphere Administration Online Training

IBM Websphere Administration Online Training

In this course, attendees will:

  • Learn the portlet programming basics and how to use the RAD Portal Tools to create and deubug portal applications
  • Master using the JSR 168 Portlet API's and the JSR 168 Tag Library to develop custom portlets
  • Learn to create custom portals using JSF, struts and AJAX
  • Become skilled at using many portal features of RAD 7.0 including the Portal Designer and WebSphere Portal 6 Server for testing and debugging

Understand portal best practices including WebSphere guidelines and portal do's and don'ts
IBM Websphere Administration Course Content :
1. Basics and new features
   1.1 Basics and new features
      1.1.1 Architecture
      1.1.2 Topology and terminology
      1.1.3 Topology and terminology - Express
      1.1.4 Main themes, product packaging and development tools
      1.1.5 Overview of new features

2.Installation and migration
    2.1 Installation and migration
       2.1.1 Installation
       2.1.2 Profiles - details
       2.1.3 V6 Install - Network deployment and express
       2.1.4 web server plug-in installation
       2.1.5 Websphere Application Server V6 migration

1. System management
   1.1 System management
      1.1.1 System management architecture
      1.1.2 Resource scoping
      1.1.3 Configuration repository
      1.1.4 File synchronization
      1.1.5 Administrative clients overview
      1.1.6 Browser-based administrative console
      1.1.7 Start/stop/monitor processes
      1.1.8 Other commands
      1.1.9 Build cell - add / remove nodes
      1.1.10 Cell, deployment manager, node and node agent
      1.1.11 Export and import configuration archives
      1.1.12 Manage generic servers
      1.1.13 Manage node groups
      1.1.14 Application management overview
      1.1.15 Application management install and uninstall
      1.1.16 Application management Lab - install application
      1.1.17 Managed application resources - enhanced EARs
      1.1.18 Lab - enhanced EAR files
      1.1.19 Fine -grained application update
      1.1.20 Lab - application update
      1.1.21 JDBC management
      1.1.22 Manage Web server nodes
      1.1.23 Administrative security

 2. Security
   2.1 Security
      2.1.1 Overview and architecture
      2.1.2 J2EE security for applications
      2.1.3 Java 2 security for applications
      2.1.4 Security for system administrator

1. Service integration technologies
   1.1 Service integration technologies
      1.1.1 Overview
      1.1.2 Architecture
      1.1.3 Configuration service integration bus resources
      1.1.4 Configuring JMS resources for service integration bus
      1.1.5 Workload management(WLM) and high availability (HA)
      1.1.6 Mediation

2. Workload management and high availability
   2.1 Workload management and high availability
      2.1.1 Administrative details
      2.1.2 Data replication services(DRS)
      2.1.3 High Availability Overview
      2.1.4 High Availability Details

1. Performance
   1.1 Performance and demonstrations
      1.1.1 Application server performance
      1.1.2 Websphere Application Server dynamic cache
      1.1.3 Performance advisor and Tivoli Performance Viewer(TPV)
      1.1.4 Request metrics

2. Problem determination
 2.1 Problem determination
     2.1.1 Overview - where to start
     2.1.2 Log files overview
     2.1.3 Loading and tracing
     2.1.4 Log and trace analyzer
     2.1.5 Hung thread detection
     2.1.6 Generating an IBM heap dump
     2.1.7 Connection leak diagnostics
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